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Our Services

Public Relations

We’ll partner with your business to maximise your media coverage and exposure to clients.


We’ll use our extensive journalistic experience to craft publication-ready press releases and content.

Social Media Management

Our experienced social media team will create and manage your social media accounts on your behalf.

Web Design & SEO

We offer professional, affordable WordPress website design to make your business shine. Read More

Photography & Video

We can arrange for a professional photographer to capture the face of your business and news events.

Crisis Management

We’ll guide you through the stormy waters of negative press coverage to ensure you weather the storm.

"Everyone's Got A Story To Tell - Let Us Tell Yours."

What We Do

Do you love your brand? We are ready to join the fan club. We’re editorial and social media specialists who understand how PR works.

Whatever your budget and vision, we are ready to work with you to spread the word about what you do. We offer a comprehensive menu of bespoke services to suit you.

Perhaps you’re a fledging start-up looking for a PR partner to share the good news about your business in the press and on social media?

Or maybe you’re an established company seeking to maximise your exposure to customers new and existing through a cross-platform campaign?

Whatever stage your business is at, we can help.

We’ll use our 35 years of journalistic experience on a wide range of publications, including national and regional newspapers, to ensure your copy stands out from the crowd. We will use our experience and knowledge of social media to spread awareness of your brand, or a specific campaign you are running.

We can run your social media channels, arrange for professional photography and video to accompany your PR campaigns and curate your promotional content.

Give us a call – we’re always happy to chat.


  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Social media management
  • WordPress Websites
  • Photos/video